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eGPS HC3 Data Collector


  • eGPS HC3 Data Collector Features

    Buy this unit with confidence knowing you can use it with yesterday's total stations and robots with external radios and today's GNSS receivers, total stations and robots using long range Bluetooth.


    • IP54 - Limited protection against dust and water
    • 6500mA battery
    • 9 pin serial port
    • 3.5G GSM modem, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3000 ft long range Bluetooth
    • 1 year warranty
    • 1 GHz, 512MB RAM, 1GB storage expandable to 33GB
    • Optional external antenna for survey accuracy

    Choice, Choice, Choice

    Network connectivity for RTN rovers and file transfer is accomplished through Carlson Cloud, the convenient internal 3.5G GSM modem or WiFi, depending on the wireless coverage in your area.

    Long Range Bluetooth

    Building on the success of the HC2 and HC2, the HC3 comes with a 1 GHz CPU in addition to the external long range Bluetooth antenna introduced with the HC2. The long range Bluetooth radio in the HC3 is capable of operating the GeoMax Zoom90 robot beyond 3000'.

    Download Datasheet

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