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True Plumb for GPS fixed heights rods

Plumb 16PTL2000

  • The True Plumb is an easy and accurate way to test and adjust your rod in seconds.
  • prism pole adjustment Surveyors across the country have found the True Plumb to be an invaluable quality control device.
  • ChrisNik is so sure the True Plumb is the easiest most accurate way to test and adjust your rod that ChrisNik guarantees it!
  • The True Plum can be used for Prism pole adjustment, Rover Rod Adjustment, & GPS Antenna Tripod Adjustment (2-meter Fixed Height Poles require the Adapter to adjust.)
Option Details:
  • 16TPL2000: True Plumb plus Adapter (16TPLADAPTER), for use with Fixed Height Rover Rods, Prism Poles & GPS Antenna Tripods.
    • Will work with regular Prism Poles, Fixed Height Rover Rods, and GPS Antenna Tripods
  • 16TPLADAPTER: The Adapter helps the original Prism Pole True Plumb (16TPL1000) to work with Fixed Height GPS Rods and GPS Antenna Tripods.
    • Makes it possible to use a Fixed Height GPS Rover Rod & a GPS Antenna Tripod on the original Prism Pole True Plumb.
    • Adapter has a Collapsed height of 3in, and an Extended height of 6in. 

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