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Presco Texas Roll Flagging

Flagging Rolls TXLG

Yellow Glow
Red Glow
Pink Glow
Orange Glow
Lime Glow
Green Glow
Blue Glow
White/Red Stripe
White/Blue Stripe
White/Green Stripe
Pink Glow/Black Stripe
Red/Black Stripe
Orange Glow/Black Stripe

Presco Texas Roll Flagging Features

Well-known in the industry as "Texas Flagging", this roll flagging is colorful and highly visible. Also called Fluorescent Tape, or Marking Tape by some. Presco solid-color roll surveyors flagging is the most durable, longest-lasting outdoor roll flagging available anywhere thanks to proprietary formulations and annealing. Don't waste your money on cheap roll flagging that stretches, fades and cracks. Presco Flagging has added plasticizers that yield maximum physical properties increasing tensile strength. Presco Roll Flagging is the most asked for flagging by industry professionals in land surveying, construction, forestry, logging, mining, geophyscis, utilities and oil exploration. 

  • Texas-shaped embossing pattern
  • Bright, long-lasting colors
  • Superior weather qualities
  • 100% USA-made
  • Material thickness of standard color rolls: 2.0 Mil
  • Material thickness of PresGlo color rolls: 3.0 Mil
  • Temperature resistance: -20°F
  • Dimensions: Flagging is 1-3/16" Wide
  • Standard colors - each roll is 300 ft long
  • PresGlo colors - each roll is 150 ft long

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