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GeoMax Zenith40 GNSS Receiver

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    GeoMax Zenith40 GNSS Receiver

    Equipped with NovAtel's latest, cutting-edge measurement engine and supporting fast converging Precise Point Positioning (PPP), this antenna provides the highest level of technology and meets the toughest MIL standards. The GeoMax Zenith40 assures a workflow tailored to your needs thanks to the user-centered X-PAD Ultimate field software or the flexibility to run your own software on any field controller. The combination of all this in a GNSS smart antenna creates a solution that is second to none.

    Superior Positioning

    Struggling with canopy covers, or inaccurate results because of multipath signals are reduced due to the enhanced GeoMax Q-Lock Pro RTK which also reduced the time to fix. Also on board the Zenith40, Hexagon's TerraStar Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service that provides C-Pro correction data at centimeter level quality all around the globe.


    Same as NovAtel and TerraStar, GeoMax is a full member of the renowned Swedish Hexagon Group. Using synergies, sharing components combined with the power to partner with premium suppliers, such as SATEL, and bundled with Hexagon's extensive manufacturing know-how enables GeoMax to offer products at highest performance and quality levels.

    Useful Ad-On Tools

    The innovative and q=unique QR-iConnect functionality speeds up your connection process. Simply scan and go! The GeoMax Zenith40 can either be fully configured within the field software or with the Zenith Manager, a stand alone application available for Windows and Android operating systems.

  • GeoMax Positioning

    GeoMax's portfolio of innovative solutions, products and equipment is known for being robust, easy-to-use and value-priced. Through the global and industry strength of GeoMax's parent company, Hexagon, the business has access to state-of-the-art development and production facilities in Europe, North America and Asia. Removing the frills enables GeoMax to deliver products that "work when you do" - independent of weather, location and task.