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Double Edge Brush Hook 12" w/ 36" Straight handle

Tool 212

Heavy-duty tool for heavy-duty clearing, featuring a 12″ double-edge blade fastened to a standard straight wooden axe handle. Council ingenuity originally produced the double-edged axe handle style Bush Hook. Designed for heavy-duty clearing and shrubbing of tough vines, weeds, undergrowth and small saplings. Head is approximately 1/4″ thick.

  • Manufactured from high quality American carbon steel.
  • Oil quenched for uniform harness and straightness.
  • Tempered for best edge-holding and toughness.
  • Top grade American hickory handle.
  • Cutting edge is hand polished and sharp.

Shrubbing tools are intended to cut weeds, vines, briars, wood and other similarly soft materials. Never strike metal, stone or other hard objects with this tool.

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